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Why do Germs Cause such a Big Problem at Schools?

Germs are an invisible enemy that we have to fight everyday, especially in high-foot traffic zones such as schools.

One of the biggest challenges we face with germs is that you won't know you are sick until you present in symptoms after already being infected and by then it is often too late to prevent the illness from spreading further, especially in a school environment.

Germs can cause major disruptions at all centers of learning. Whether it’s infectious gastrointestinal illnesses such as diarrhea or hand, foot and mouth disease being spread around a daycare center or simply cold and flu viruses circulating around a primary school. When scholars or teachers are sick, scholars stop learning and teachers have to take time off work which leads to many more headaches in terms of productivity and progress.

When it comes to toddlers or younger children, there are many reasons why an illness can spread so quickly especially in a school environment:

* A child's immune system is not yet as mature as an adult's, they simply have not been

  exposed to germs for a long period of time, which leads to more susceptibility to

  germs that can make them sick.

* Due to a child's sensory development phase and general inquisitive nature, they tend to stick their

fingers in their mouths more often, touch walls or underneath tables and chairs, pick up random

objects and put it in their mouths, etc. These are all potentia areas where he/she can pick up an illness

especially if the object or surface has not been disinfected properly.

* Kids are often times still learning about

  general hygiene and sometimes forget to

  wash their hands after a quick visit to the

  loo, which can lead to hand, foot and

  forget to cover their nose and mouth when

  sneezing or coughing, etc. This also 

  creates an opportunity for airborne

  illnesses such as Chickenpox, Influenza,

  Measles, etc. to spread quicker.

* Sharing of toys, crayons, pencils, pens,

  scissors, soft toys, etc. all create

  opportunities for cross infection and 

All of this combined with groups of kids in close contact with each other leads to an environment where germs can spread very quickly and lead to various potential virus outbreaks and absenteeisms.

So, what can you do to help limit your child's chances to get germs from his/her school?

First and foremost, it is important to realize that your child will never be completely germ free. That is simply not possible as there are just too many variables at play that create opportunities for your child to get sick on a daily basis.

However, below we have listed a few tips to help protect your child against as many germs as possible:

* Ensure that your child is aware of his/her own personal hygiene habits. Teach him/her to close the

toilet lid when flushing, to wash his/her hands after playing outside or playing with a pet and especially

after going to the loo and to cover his/her nose and mouth when sneezing/coughing. This will greatly

assist in limiting cross infection at home and at school.

* Teach your child not to share his/her stationary, toys or lunch box at school. Now this can be a bit tricky

as we have all heard the saying that "sharing is caring", however, when it comes to your child's health,

this step can greatly reduce your child's chances of catching an illness. If this creates a potential moral

dilemma, you can always speak to your child's best friend's mom/dad and decide together to get your

   children the same toys or stationary for school or to talk to both kids to explain why it is in their best

interest not to share stationary, etc. If they refuse to compromise, you can always equip both with their

own hand sanitizer sprays to keep with them at all times. 

* Ask your child's school if they are on the Sprinkle Spray Disinfecting Program. Our system has proven

effective in reducing absenteeism levels at the facilities that we service by up to 44.4%. 

* If your child or someone in your household is constantly sick, you can also make use of the Sprinkle

Spray Home Disinfecting Program, that will help to create a healthier environment at your home. You

can also click here to download our Free Home Cleaning/Disinfecting Guide to help steer you in the

right direction towards effective germ control at your home. 

All in all, effective germ control is a team effort. Everyone needs to work together to help keep germs at bay. 

We have a team of professionals that can assist with all your germ busting needs. 

We service all areas in Gauteng. Our process is efficient, economical and safe.

Contact us today to get the Sprinkle Spray Disinfecting System implemented at your home, your child's school, at the gym or office.

We offer the latest in disinfecting technology. Our application method covers all areas and does not replace any current cleaning methods.


 Start 2019 off right...say no to germs. :)

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