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The Science behind our Products


Being on the forefront of germ control is our mission. Using the latest scientific developments for protecting facilities against Fungi, Bacteria and Viruses in the Industrial, Commercial and Retail sectors along with schools and homes, Sprinkle Spray will continue to strive to keep you safe.















                                                    * Picture courtesy of the Whiteley Corporation


What are Bacteria Biofilms?

Biofilms are densely-packed microbial cell communities that grow on living or inert surfaces. A biofilm forms when certain microorganisms (bacteria and fungi) adhere to the surface of an object and begin to reproduce. These microorganisms form an attachment to the surface of the object by secreting a slimy, glue-like substance, composed of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS above). A common example of a biofilm is dental plaque. The cell membrane of bacteria is their most important protective shield against the environment, it is important to use products that break down these biofilms to ensure that they cannot reproduce. Part of the success of our service offering is using products that have been specifically developed to rupture these biofilms, leaving the organisms to “bleed-out" and rendering them unable to reproduce and multiply.


Disinfectant Residual Barrier Technology

Being more powerful than typical bleach-based products commonly used, the products that we use continue to kill bacteria long after it has been applied. A residual barrier is left behind after application which ensures that surfaces remain free from bacteria and germs far longer than typical bleach-based products are able to. By using our fogging application a protective film is left behind on all areas that have been treated which produces a layer of microbe-like spikes that prevent any new bacteria from settling onto the disinfected areas, thus preventing colonisation and bacteria biofilms. 



The disinfecting products that we use have been tested for efficacy against bacteria, fungi, enveloped and non-enveloped viruses. Contact us for the relevant test reports and safety data sheets. In addition, we also use a Covid-19 tested disinfectant solution with a proven and valid test report, this product is one of the first worldwide that has passed the test for efficacy against Covid-19. 


With Sprinkle Spray your business is in the best hands in the fight against Covid-19. We use the correct machines tailored for your business needs, the correct disinfectant with proven efficacy and a large professional team that has experience in germ control. Many new companies are coming to market using incorrect equipment and disinfectant solutions. Don't put you business at risk, look at your current disinfectant provider's list of references and years of experience before you put your health and safety in their hands.   



                                     Environmentally                        Non Hazardous                                 Non-Corrosive                                       Water-Based


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