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Who Are We?

Sprinkle Spray was established in 2016 with a passion to help facilities more efficiently and effectively manage germ control in their high foot traffic areas. Not being able to see bacteria and viruses makes it a very difficult enemy to deal with in addition to it becoming a very labour intensive task to wipe down every area and object at your facility to eliminate germs. 

Fortunately with the Sprinkle Spray system you can rest assured that your facility is being disinfected efficiently and effectively using the latest in disinfectant science. 

Our unique fogging system works by effectively reaching areas such as underneath tables and chairs, keyboards, door handles, printer buttons, headsets, crayons, pens, walls, etc. that are not often focused on when cleaning or disinfecting ensuring that complete room coverage is achieved. 

We do not replace your current cleaning method but serve as a support to it to ensure that your facility is protected against up to 99.999% of harmful bacteria, fungi, enveloped and non-enveloped viruses. Our process does not leave any residual moisture, there is therefor no need to wipe down any surface or object after application. Our machines dispense millions of charged molecules per second that ensures an even application to objects and surfaces is achieved each time.  

Having high foot traffic in any facility increases the overall surface area that needs to be cleaned and wiped down often with a quality disinfectant to ensure that a healthier environment is created at your facility. It is simply impossible to reach every area no matter how many staff members are present.

With the Sprinkle Spray 4-Step Disinfecting Process we eliminate that problem and offer you peace of mind that your facility has been effectively disinfected.


The Sprinkle Spray 4-Step Process

                                                      Step 1 - CLEAN

                                                      Proper disinfecting of an area is a process. To ensure that all areas are ready for disinfecting, surfaces need to be                                                               cleaned first. To help you achieve this, we recommend the use of Pure Wash to help support our application method.                                                       Pure Wash is a non-toxic, non-corrosive, food approved cleaner that is ammonia- and bleach-free, used to clean                                                               surfaces and objects daily and prior to the disinfecting fogging process.

                                                      Step 2 - DISINFECT 

                                                      Our Mission is to kill up to 99.999% of most common germs, fungi and viruses at your facility utilizing specialized                                                             disinfecting technology and a unique fogging application method to ensure that all areas and surfaces are covered                                                           leaving behind a residual barrier that remains intact for up to 7 days on untouched surfaces which stops mutant                                                               strains from occurring. Our disinfectant solution is odor-neutralizing, non-toxic, food grade, vaporless,                  

                                                      environmentally safe and non-corrosive.

                                                        Step 3 - SANITIZE AND NEUTRALIZE

                                                      To compliment your cleaning and disinfecting efforts, ensure that your facility is sanitized with our Alcohol-based                                                           Sanitizer Spray. A triple action, odor neutralizing sanitizing solution that kills bacteria and leaves behind a              

                                                      protective bio barrier that lasts between 3 - 6 hours. Our No Touch Automated Hand Sanitizer and Soap Dispensers

                                                      will ensure that cross infection is greatly reduced.

                                                        Step 4 - PROTECT

                                                      We use the latest disinfecting science for our products. After application a protective barrier is created that remains                                                         intact when dry for up to 7 days in untouched areas. This protective barrier ensures that areas and objects remain                                                           protected against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

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