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Cleaning Alone is not Enough

Germs tend to migrate to areas that are not cleaned and disinfected regularly, leaving your facility vulnerable to potential virus outbreaks

Carpets, Fabric Chairs, Soft Toys, etc are disinfected weekly and can be

used immediately with our process. When washed and cleaned it is often unusable immediately

A Microscopic Microfilm is left behind after application which continues to disinfect and protect the surface or object creating and maintaining a healthier environment

Free Emergency Spray Service

in the event of a potential virus outbreak at your facility 

*T's & C's Apply

No Cleaning Materials 

are used to apply our disinfectant solution which ensures that our disinfectant stays pure and does not become contaminated with a dirty cloth or sponge

Efficient and Effective 

It takes around 20-30 seconds per 20 square meters to achieve complete coverage of the designated area

No Residual Moisture 

is left behind which ensures that our disinfectant solution's integrity is maintained 

Why Do You Need Us?

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What is fogging? How does fogging work? Fogging services What is disinfecting?

We are a superior disinfecting service. With years of experience in the retail, commercial and industrial sectors. We offer a wide range of fogging solutions dependent on your industry and business needs. We have a long list of references for various industries to provide you with peace of mind that your business is being serviced by a reputable disinfecting company that has been in the disinfecting business since 2016.

Our chemicals are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, non-corrosive and food approved. We have done extensive research on using the correct chemicals and can use that knowledge to apply the correct products per industry. We offer a wide range of chemical options based on your business' specific needs and requirements. 

In addition, we are experts in the field of the correct fogging equipment. We make use of ULV electrical foggers that have been made for indoor use. Many new companies that don't have a lot of experience in the fogging industry are using thermal foggers, however these units have been designed for outdoor pest control use in mind and pose a fire hazard for indoor use, especially if the fogger uses propane gas, which is flammable. One benefit of using a thermal fogger is that a thick cloud of fog is generated giving the customer peace of mind that the area is disinfected, but as most of these thermal foggers use fuel or propane gas to ensure that enough power is generated to create the heat to vaporise the fogging solution, it also gives off toxic gasses that are harmful to your health and the environment. In addition, thermal foggers can leave oil stains behind on surfaces which are difficult to clean which poses a problem for indoor fogging.

ULV fogging is safe for use indoors and doesn't leave any oil stains on any surface. In addition, it doesn't use any fuel or propane gas and therefore it is not a fire hazard for any facility. With our industrial long range fogging machines you are able to see where the fogging solution, once dispensed from the machine, is applied to the specific area or surface which provides peace of mind to the customer that all areas are covered. With our fogging machines, the droplet size can be adjusted to ensure that the fogging application is done in the most efficient manner at your specific facility, ensuring that all areas are covered. In addition, our fogging machines have powerful electric motors which allows us to reach areas up to 15m away, making it ideal for use in large warehouses, shopping malls, airports and factories.

All our machines are electrically powered, we do not make use of cordless fogging machines as these machines mainly have a power output of about 500w and tend to only reach a distance of 1 - 2m rendering them ineffective for larger areas such as malls, gyms, factories, warehouses, school halls, retail stores, etc. In addition, a full charge doesn't last long on most of these type of machines, again rendering them ineffective for larger spaces as it will not only take you much longer to try to reach all areas of a facility, but you will have to often change the battery numerous times. Whilst it is convenient not to worry about an electrical cord getting in the way, the drawbacks of cordless machines outweigh the benefits. Our motto is to stick with what works, it is about the client and to ensure that we offer the most efficient and effective service.

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