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Sprinkle Spray Fogging Services

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Your Specialist Disinfectant Solution

Limiting Cross Infection in High Foot Traffic Zones since 2016

We specialize in limiting cross infection in high-foot traffic zones such as schools, factories, warehouses, gyms, retails stores, call centers and many more. We have been servicing various industries since 2016 using a unique fogging application method along with the latest in disinfectant solution science, some of our clients include Spar Retail Stores, West Pack, Food Lover's Market, Curro Holding, Honda SA, The Motus Group, Renault SA, The Gauteng Provincial Government, The South African Police Services, various doctor's rooms and many more.

Not being new to market, you can rest assured that you are being serviced by an experienced team and company. Our applicators are well trained and ready to serve to ensure that your facility is protected against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Our disinfectant solution remains on untouched surfaces for up to 7 days, ensuring that a protective barrier is created that stays intact even when dry. Using our unique fogging method in conjunction with our other products will ensure that whole room disinfection takes place every time. 

Fogging with a top quality disinfectant solution is the best option for any facility to ensure that all areas are reached effectively and are properly disinfected, with Sprinkle Spray this is achieved every time. 

If you are looking for expert advice on disinfectant fogging for your facility, then look no further. 

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Coronavirus, C.Difficile, Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, 

Covid-19 tested disinfectant and fogging services in Gauteng and North West

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Coronavirus, Covid-19, Disinfecting, Sanitizing, Sanitizer, Cleaning

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