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"Covid-19 has been such a rollercoaster ride, not just being under a lot of financial pressure but also now having to disinfectant and sanitize so often. We didn't have the budget for it, but luckily when we contacted Sprinkle Spray, they offered us the best rate with the most benefits. A company that is not just focused on profits, but who really care about their customers. Thank you team" - C. van der Merwe

"We absolutely love Sprinkle Spray. They have been instrumental in our fight against Covid-19 to help ensure that our staff is kept safe and to offer guidance in terms of correct germ control methods. We highly recommend them" - Ms. R. Schwartz

"What can I say? Sprinkle Spray has saved the day. They are a call away during any potential outbreak and we just love their free emergency spray service. There are so many benefits to being part of their program, they are not just a disinfecting company, but offer a complete germ control solution that we have found invaluable during the pandemic. Thank you Sprinkle Spray." - John Jacobson

"Simply the best disinfectant fogging company we know." - M.J. Aniston

"Many thanks for your excellent service provision, we are really enjoying it and your gents are so well-mannered and professional. Please never take them away from us. :-) " - Julie Scholz

"When the pandemic hit our shores, we didn't know where to turn. There were so many new companies taking advantage of the situation, that we were at a loss. Luckily a colleague at another business recommended Sprinkle Spray and we gave them a go. We have been happy with them from the start. They are professional and tie in with our corporate image, we highly recommend these germ busters." - Ronald Msimantle

"Their service is efficient and has proven to be effective. The transmission of illnesses that we would normally experience with the children at this time of year. Despite our massive efforts to be as hygienic as possible in our school, this has not been the case until employing Sprinkle Spray. I feel that this service has definitely cut the number of coughs and colds in the children. I would recommend the service to anyone wishing to provide a clean and healthy environment for children, or indeed any other group of people who are vulnerable to the transmission of infection or illness." - Mrs. E.H. Crewe

"We are absolutely delighted with the service that we have received from Sprinkle Spray. The staff are professional and friendly and their system has managed to successfully stop a recent C.Difficile outbreak at our facility. We have since then contracted them to treat our facility weekly and we are happy to report that we have not yet had another virus outbreak." - Mr. J.F. Mashega

"From the first time the Sprinkle Spray team came out to visit our facility, we have been absolutely pleased with them. This service offers our parents and staff members great peace of mind and has actually resulted in an increase in enrollments to our school this term. We feel confident that our school will be able to manage the upcoming winter months and we look forward to a long partnership with Sprinkle Spray. We highly recommend their service."

- Mrs. C. Blignaut

"Wonderful team, wonderful service. They are just a call away for any questions or concerns. I wouldn't want to leave the safety of our children in any other company's name." - Tash Knowles

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