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When is it time to call the Pediatrician

Being a parent is a full time job and you've probably wrestled with the question more often than not when your child is sick: When is the time to take him/her to a pediatrician?

Whether your child has a fever, cough or stomach ache, the moment will always arrive that you contemplate getting some advice from a medical professional.

In this blog we will try to help shed some light on what to pay attention to when your little one becomes sick.

Key Symptoms

* Fever

Many parents have a tendency to worry even more when their child's temperature spikes, but it is

important to remember that a fever isn't always necessarily bad. When a child gets an infection,

his/her body temperature goes up to more effectively fight the infection and that is a good thing, but

you should consider calling your pediatrician in the following cases:

* Vomiting / Diarrhea

If it is a single episode only then there is usually no need to worry. However if it persists, then the

main enemy becomes dehydration. Always be sure to give your child enough fluids regularly to

prevent dehydration. Call your pediatrician if your child's symptoms become more severe,

continues to last for more than a few hours or if he/she can't keep any fluids down and begins to

show signs of dehydration.

* Coughs, Colds and Other Respiratory Problems

If your baby is 3 months or younger, you should call your pediatrician at the first sign of illness

since a cold can quickly turn into something more serious like croup, pneumonia or bronchiolitis.

If your child is older than 3 months and has trouble breathing, has a stuffy nose for more than 10

days, complaining that his/her ear hurts or has a cough that lasts for more than a week, call your


* Rash

Most rashes especially in children are harmless and tend to clear up on their own or with appropriate

treatment, but if your child doesn't have any energy, feels pain at the site of the rash, has a purple

bruise-like rash, a rash that goes deep into the skin or a rash that doesn't get any better with over-the-

counter treatments, call your pediatrician.

* Your child experiences pain whilst Urinating

If your child is complaining about this, it is a definite red flag, especially with a girl and you need to

see your doctor as soon as possible to check for a possible urinary tract infection.

If you or a loved one has been struggling with the common cold during this winter, contact Sprinkle Spray today to get your home treated with our once-off emergency spray.

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