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Let's look at what makes a Good Disinfectant

When you clean your home, office, or workplace, are you actually eliminating germs? Or are you simply removing dirt and grime? Using the same all-purpose cleaner for every surface, simply spraying and wiping when things start to look a bit dirty, you could be leaving behind various bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microbial pathogens. It is important to note that not all cleaners have disinfecting properties and all disinfectants have not been formulated to clean.

So what exactly is a disinfectant?

Reading the labels of products is quite important. If a cleaning product's label doesn't specifically state that it kills germs, it is unwise to assume that it does. On the other hand, products made specifically for disinfecting are used to eliminate unwanted microbes from surfaces but may leave dirt behind and will not be effective in cleaning a surface. Proper cleaning and disinfecting is a 2-step process and while you probably don’t want to add another step to your regular cleaning regimen, it is important to do so if you want to truly disinfect your home/school/office.

Characteristics of a Good Disinfectant

Safety and Environmentally Safe Products Using non-toxic products are essential if someone in your home, school or office suffers from allergies and asthma. In addition, it is important to use environmentally safe products as many disinfectants wind up going down the drains of sinks, tubs or toilets. Carefully read a product's label to determine whether it is environmentally friendly especially if a product claims to be "green" as many "green" products claim to be environmentally friendly without actually following through on the promise. Use Non-Corrosive and Odorless Products Whilst you need to use effective products to kill germs, it is important to choose non-corrosive products as you do not want a product that damages the surface of your counters or that will corrode faucets beyond recognition. Use products that are compatible with all surfaces you regularly disinfect and clean. In addition, use odorless products as this will help to make the cleaning and disinfecting process more pleasurable.

Broad-Spectrum Effectiveness Look for disinfectants that promise to kill the largest number and widest variety of microbial pathogens possible with proven efficacy data sheets on all claims made. Products with reliable cleaning properties eliminate the need for a separate cleaner. Make sure the product kills germs quickly and have been specifically tested against the pathogens you want to kill. NRCS Registered Products Make sure that all products you use have been registered but the NRCS (National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications). The NRCS number will be on the product label and was established to administer compulsory specifications and other technical regulations with the view to protect human health, safety and the environment, and to ensure fair trade in accordance with government policies and guidelines. Food Approved If you are going to use products in your kitchen, it is important to use food approved products. All labels on products will indicate if it is safe to use in food processing areas. Sprinkle Spray Products All our products have been lab tested for efficacy against viruses, bacteria, fungi and algae with valid test reports for each claim made. Our products are non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly, food approved and non-corrosive.

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