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What is the Difference between Cross Infection and Cross Contamination?

What is Cross Infection?

Cross infection is the transfer of infection from one person to another, between equipment or within the body.There’s a good reason why doctors are obsessed with washing their hands and hospitals are such sterile environments: A clean and thoroughly sanitized area is vital for preventing patient complications, namely infections.Cross infection occurs when harmful microorganisms like bacteria and viruses transfer to a patient by way of another person or medical tools and equipment. It can also spread within the body. Such an infection can drastically delay wound healing and lead to more serious complication

What is Cross Contamination?

Cross contamination generally refers to food contamination and occurs when bacteria or viruses are transferred from one food product to another rendering the food unsafe for use and consumption.

Why does it Matter?

Germs are an invisible enemy, making them much harder to track and kill. It is therefore difficult to achieve effective germ control if you do not follow a proven process. In the Sprinkle Spray 4-Step Process that we covered in an earlier segment, we explained the germ control process. Fogging forms an integral part of effective germ control to achieve complete room coverage. Germs tend to migrate, it is therefore important that all areas are disinfected regularly.

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Cross Infection
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