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Teach your Kids about Germs

As a parent, you have many challenges and one of the biggest of them is how to keep your kids safe from germs, especially at school. It is important that your kids are exposed to germs to help build their immune systems, but it is even more important that they know what germs are and how to protect themselves.

For this reason, we have put together a Sprinkle Spray Germ Guide for Parents. In this guide you will learn about various activities to teach your kids about germs, the different types of germs, what germs do, etc.

Whilst we cannot ignore germs, we can better protect ourselves against it. At Sprinkle Spray we offer a weekly disinfecting program that assist in limiting cross infection in high-foot traffic zones. We service homes, schools, doctor's rooms, call centers, offices and much more weekly. Our process is effective, non-toxic and safe. Germs cannot escape our method.

Click here to read more on what we offer.

If you would like to receive a no obligation quote for your home, office or child's school, contact us today. We also offer various cleaning and disinfecting products.

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